Since launching their campaign with Matthew McConaughey in 2014, Lincoln has boosted its brand and sales. It’s no longer an old man’s car, but a cool guy’s ride.

Waaaaaaay back in the 1970’s another cool guy did the same thing for Chrysler. Ricardo Montalban. You may know him as Mr. Rourke on Fantasy Island (he was the taller one) or as Kahn in the best of the Star Trek movies.

The campaigns were similar because the ads allowed the actors to play off their personas and link them to the brand. So to settle the debate that no one is having, here is our head to head comparison of these two. The links below will show two videos for reference:
Montalban Vs McConaughey

Coolness: They are both super cool. McConaughey has his quirkiness, and his “I’m in my own head and don’t care what you think” vibe. We dig that. But Montalban has the deep voice, the accent and the debonair moves. Kinda like a “Most Interesting Man in the World” decades ahead of his time. Plus, even today he would rock a wide-collared shirt.
Edge to: Montalban

Selling: McConaughey has an unfair advantage in that he is selling a good looking car that actually works. Montalban’s car is from the 70’s and it was a Chrysler. We liked that Montalban mixed the experience of driving with the features of the car. But we really believed McConaughey. He acts like he is weirdly aroused. None of us has ever loved driving a car that much so….
Edge to: McConaughey

Performance: Both guys are mostly just being themselves. Montalban has to sound sincere when he talks about that really hideous car. McConaughey says strange things and we all nod as if we understand it. That’s a gift.
Edge to: McConaughey

Rolling R’s: This is only a category because Montalban says “soft corrrrintian leather” better than we can say anything.
Edge to: Montalban

Hopefully that settles a bet or an argument. You’re welcome.