As the COVID-19 crisis evolved, Midtown Alliance wanted to stay ahead of situations that might negatively affect their residents, businesses and visitors. Creative Outhouse (CO) researched the landscape and accurately anticipated the needs of the community.

April: As the shut down entered it’s second month, residents were beginning to feel a sense of malaise. They struggled for ways to connect as a community and to find positive ways to engage. CO created the #MidtownPlaylist where people could submit songs that inspired them and lifted their spirits.

Spotify playlist
Inspirational sign in Midtown

July: When wearing masks became a political and incendiary topic, Creative Outhouse was the first to create messaging that appealed to people, no matter what they believed, about wearing masks in public. The messaging focused on one aspect of the COVID-19 crisis that we all agree on—no one wants another shut down.

This beautiful campaign engages people on the street, Midtown businesses and nonprofits and a growing online community.

Keep Midtown Open logo
Keep Midtown Open social media

These sidewalk decals remind people about the safe distancing in a fun and engaging way.

Keep Midtown Open sidewalk decal

Games and challenges like this one encourage people to challenge each other to a dance off. The other games include “Stand up at the sink” encouraging people to tell a joke or sing a song for the 20 seconds it takes to wash hands.

Keep Midtown Open sidewalk decal

The messaging and templates we created can be used by internal teams and even other cities.

Keep Your Neighborhood Open toolkit

What our clients said:

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Rudy Fernandez

Creative Outhouse, Founder & Executive Creative Director

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