Rudy Fernandez, Founder and Executive Creative Director of Creative Outhouse leads an “Ask Me Anything” discussion on creative marketing.

Watch and learn:

– What’s the best way to give creative feedback?

– What’s the best way to write a creative brief?

– How do you tailor a creative brief for different projects/audiences?

– How do you find the right creative team?

– What is the biggest misconception about working with creative teams? – When things aren’t working, how can I fix it?

– How do you handle procurement teams when working on creative projects?

– What’s the one thing that account teams often miss when providing information for a creative brief?

– How do you develop creative with a point of view that connects with an audience?

– What do you do to get creatively unstuck?

– How do you know when it’s one idea and when it can be a full campaign?

– What comes first, copywriting or design?

– Does a creative brief change by asset type?

Also enjoy the discussion around:

– Recent marketing trends around the pandemic.

– Experience of other creative teams from Edelman, Porter Novelli, Toolbox No. 9.

– Getting clear on the assignment

– Book recommendations

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Rudy Fernandez

Creative Outhouse, Founder & Executive Creative Director

Host, Marketing Upheaval podcast