paid media


It is the part of the meeting where eyes glaze over and people start to make grocery lists in their minds.

It is also where a big chunk of the budget goes.

Truly creative Paid Media is more than looking at ratings books and picking a station or a publication. The people in charge of a client’s paid media should be as thoughtful and “creative” as your creative director. After a media presentation, you should be saying to yourself, “Wow, I never would have thought of that.”


Our media planning/buying blends statistical data with experience and creativity. We use the most advanced media measurement systems, including Arbitron (SmartPlus) and Nielsen Ratings, to measure electronic media; Comscore for digital campaigns; Monroe Mendelsohn and SMRB for print; EOI Impressions for out of home; and designated metrics for all social media. We combine all of this data with more than 30 years of experience and an understanding of how consumers respond to various media.

One unique aspect of our creative paid media campaigns is that our media, creative and account service teams work together to develop the best way to deliver the message to the target audience. Because all departments consult with one another, the results are innovative.


The Creative Outhouse team can strengthen a client’s message exponentially through value-adds and innovative promotions. For example, working with The Clean Air Campaign for 11 years, we have generated more than $11 million in added value.

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